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– The Seeing Scroll –

A Children’s Mystery and Fantasy

“Stray too long where you don’t belong and the world you’re from could be forever gone”

The Seeing Scroll (Children's Mystery)

A week after her granddad died, he sent her a key.

Gia Lance wants only one thing – to find her grandfather. And since her dad won’t believe he’s alive, what choice does she have but to enlist the help of her drama-king best friend? The pair set off to find the man they adore and soon discover an ancient key, a peculiar riddle and a secret garden.

Their quest leads to a magic scroll that momentarily throws them back in time — to the where and when its secrets were made. But whose secrets are they? And what do they mean? Gia’s gut says the scroll will lead her to her granddad. But is it wise to trust an enchanted parchment?

And when their sleuthing reveals a startling but legendary curse, they can’t help wondering — What if the Seeing Scroll is the reason Gia’s granddad went missing? Because by now they know that he was keeping secrets too. Dangerous secrets!

But there are people hunting for the scroll. Folks who clearly will do anything to ensure that her granddad and his secrets remain buried. Maybe even his crimes. Can Gia evade them and figure out how to save the granddad she loves without being duped by the scroll’s delicious secrets. Or will he be forever lost?

A page-turning action adventure for children. Not too scary for grownups, either. For ages 9+.

To solve the riddle, discover the secret and find what was lost – order today!

Book cover created by Emily House.

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