Radio Helderberg Interview about The Seeing Scroll

When did inspiration strike?

Radio host, Johann Myburgh, and I at Radio Helderberg.

I enjoyed my interview with Johann Myburgh from Radio Helderberg. As it turns out, that mic wasn’t nearly as daunting as I’d imagined. What a friendly host he was, and that, I suspect, made all the difference.

Hands down, the most asked about aspect of my writing to date is – where did I get my idea for The Seeing Scroll from? So it never came as a surprise when Johann asked me the same thing.

And the answer for those who missed it:

My hubby once brought home a book about objects that were discovered along the South African coastline. I mulled over a few of the articles, intrigued, and began thinking – what happens when you find something that doesn’t belong to you? Can you keep it? As per usual, I consulted the oracle that lives somewhere in Google, and what I learned captivated me.

Soon, I began pondering the practicalities associated with such a find because I couldn’t help wondering how someone, anyone, would suddenly stumble across something lost eons ago? Why hadn’t anyone else stumbled across it before? Was the discoverer visiting a strange place, or doing something oh-so-sneaky, perhaps? Before I knew it, I’d come up with an answer and picked a place for my tale to unfold.

False Bay. See below:

View of False Bay.